Monday, October 31, 2011


This was the result of my first attempt to write a few lines on my own in English. It dates back to 20.12.2007. Later I found Kannada to be more apt for expressing my thoughts and continued with it. But as I was cleaning my room today I found this and thought of publishing it here

I prayed
When the tree of life is shedding its leaves
With no water to gain its green
Filling the colours to life
Bringing back the beauty of smile
Be the rain.... Oh! The gift divine

When I am plunged into caves of disappointment
Trembling with the fear of distress
Killing the frightening demons of dark
Showing the positive path of life
Be the lamp… Oh! The light of hope

When I am suffering with pains of life
Burning in the fire of sorrow
Bringing joy to life full of misery
Cooling the tensed mind
Be the gentle breeze….Oh! The boon of Lord

A voice I heard

Bestowed with gifts most precious
You pray me why?
Discover your potencies instead
The Best under the sky.

Your aim fills colours to your life
Your hard work waters it as the rain
Your will can alone be the guiding lamp
Love you feel cools you as gentle breeze

Your abilities when you realize
To great heights you would definitely rise